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Friends: Courtney & Joe.

Over the past two weeks, David & I have hung out with Courtney & Joe many times. We met them once, a year ago, at a friends get-together to play games. After learning of their mutual love for games, and also the fact that they had gotten married in the same month as us (at that point, 3 months previously – we were newlyweds!), we decided that the next time they visited Florida, we would hang out again. Unfortunately (for us, anyways!), they live very far away in Minnesota. But a year later…on their two weeks stay here in Florida, we’ve gotten together like five times, either at our house or with other friends, or at Ben & Sarah’s wedding. Our mutual love for the Lord and for games made it a fun hang-out time, everytime!! They are working for the ministry Campus Crusade, currently working on getting sponsors so they can live on the campus. If you or anyone you know could sponsor them, please go here, or to their blog here. Courtney & Joe are the sweetest couple, and like I told them…I wished they lived down in Florida so we could spend time together all the time!

At Ben & Sarah’s wedding, I snapped the quickest photo of Courtney & Joe. Literally, we were running and I asked them to stop to take a picture of them before there would be no light when we got back. We were on our way to do a quick errand for the bride & groom between the ceremony and reception, and so they kept on running right after the picture. My heels kept my running ability to a I then stopped Ben & Sarah to take a couple quick photos (like the last one in my sneak peak pics) and so then they had to pick me up on the drive out. The pics of Ben & Sarah = so worth it!  :)

You might not be able to tell…but Courtney is actually 5 months pregnant!!!! David & I are SO excited for them. They flew back to Minnesota yesterday, and were having the ultrasound today to find out if its a boy or girl. I told Courtney she had to text me right after she told her family  ;)  And I just got an amazing text saying that….
















Dewey baby is a lil’ girl!!!!  :):):):)


AWWWWWWWWW  :) Congratulations, Courtney & Joe!


I cannot wait to meet her sometime soon. <3

Happy Wednesday! I know I’m smiling big  :)


<3 <3 <3 <3


<3 <3 <3 <3

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