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My Love for Pinterest.

At some point today, I will pass 5,000 pins pinned. I found my ‘welcome to pinterest’ email, and it came on the 5th of May…just about six months ago. Really though, my addiction started after about a month or two. I check it constantly throughout the day, re-pinning anything I like, am inspired by, or would like to someday make/cook. For those who haven’t heard of Pinterest or are confused by it, it’s like having virtual pin boards, where you pin photos and in the photo it saves the link back to the main website. For example, if you had found a recipe online for cookies that you really liked, you could ‘pin’ the photo of the cookies to your ‘recipes’ pinboard and have it saved there like a bookmark…so the next time you wanted to make the cookies, you just have to go to your board & click on the cookies photo! For another example of how well Pinterest can be used…I have a board for: desserts, recipes, home-decorating ideas, crafts I want to try, my actual Christmas wish list, things I just find pretty or cute, hairstyles to try, place I would like to visit, my dream home, and then TONS of photography inspiration for weddings, engagement, maternity & family photoshoots. You can follow friends who have Pinterest (I love following all my photog friends, its awesome!), or just find crafty & creative people to follow.

It’s like therapy for me. Or something. It’s what I do on my breaks from editing/researching/culling/business-building. I pin pretty pictures  :)  I love seeing all the creativity on there! All the crafts & recipes I want to someday try, I save them there. Though I have yet to try almost any of them…I know that all I’d need to do is find the picture on my DIY board if I wanted to learn how to make this pleated wrap skirt, doily garland, lace flower headpins, clay heart mobile, watermelon pourer (YES!), and like a thousand other amazing crafts. One day…when I have time…  ;)

In honor of my 5,000th pin, I created a new board for soon-to-be-brides. It’s filled with cute & pretty ideas, details, themes and colors for weddings. It’s for inspiration! Feel free to follow it or me (if you need an invite to Pinterest, please just comment below & I’ll send one to your email) whether you’re engaged, dating or single! I loved getting ideas for my wedding. And I’ll be pinning lots, don’t doubt that  :)

Happy Wednesday, fellow Pinners. May you someday share as much obsession addiction love for Pinterest as I do. Really, it’s something to aspire to.


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  • Marisa Taylor Zimmerman - I just started pinterest, maybe two weeks ago. You lady, are awesome. I need to head on over to yours!November 17, 2011 – 11:21 AMReplyCancel

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