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Little Kaylia.

Kaylia is one of the little girls I absolutely love from camp! Her family lives at camp (her dad is the director), her mom Kendra I love to talk with, and her older sister Anika (who was too busy eating a granola bar when I quickly snapped this photo before leaving camp) I love giving piggy-back rides too! Last november they drove down to visit Kendra’s parents in Florida, so we got to spend a dinner together! And hopefully we will again this winter, but for much longer  :)

Kendra is also the writer of an amazing blog! I love reading her blog weekly, if not often daily! Not only the updates on her family (and pictures of her two kiddies I love!), posts on life & raising kids, her sense of humor which comes across (she just wrote a post about chocolate cheerios!), but also her challenging blog posts that really do challenge me in new ways. I suggest you take a look into reading her blog  :)  And now, meet her youngest, cute & shy little Kaylia…


Website Update: So I was planning on launching my website hopefully next thursday the 22nd! But now I just found out David is going to be working from home this monday & tuesday doing some training stuff for work, and so I’m not sure I’ll be able to get everything done now on time (I just like spending time with him whenever I can, okay?). So it might be changed to tuesday the 27th…it depends how much I get done over the next few days of the many many little things that are left to do! Either way it’s soon, I’ll post a blog update about it the day before it happens (which may or may not contain many exclamation marks), and I AM EXCITED!!!!

Hope you have an amazing weekend…and that my excitement eventually rubs off on you the slightest bit  ;)


<3 <3 <3 <3


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  • Kendra - Aww, thanks for all your sweet words in this post, Jill! We love you too! And thanks for posting that picture of Kaylia. I really didn’t think she gave you enough of a chance to get anything good – you’re quick! I guess you would need to be, as a photographer! Anika saw the picture and said, “That doesn’t look like Kaylia!” And Kaylia came running to the computer, saying, “I want to see Kay-YA!!”

    Can’t wait to see you this winter! For MUCH more than just one meal.September 17, 2011 – 5:16 PMReplyCancel

    • Jillian Tree - So cute! :) I can’t wait either!!! <3September 20, 2011 – 12:00 PMReplyCancel

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