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Happy Father’s Day to my Daddy!

Yes, I still call him Daddy  :)

Happy Father’s Day Daddy! Thanks for everything. For raising me & blessing me with such an amazing childhood. Not many can say they spent their childhood in Portugal for three years, Mexico for seven, & Florida for five years. All while still getting to go to Canada every summer to spend time with cousins & family. I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

I remember in the pool when you used to be able to put me on a floating tube, and completely flip me & it in the air, and I would land safely right-side up (most of the time!) in your arms in the pool. The occasional time I would come up gasping for air from landing head-first in the water, saying ‘again, again!’. OR when me & my sister used to attack your feet in the pool to tickle the bottom of them. You were so ticklish, and still are…that’s why I still love poking you in the side, cuz you still jump!!  :)

One of my favorite things when I was younger, was fighting with my sister over who was ‘butter’ and who was ‘cup’ when he used to call us his ‘buttercups.’ I really loooove all the endearing names he called us as we were growing up…like ‘Sunshine,’ & ‘Peach pie’ & ‘his Joys.’ How it seemed like pretty much everyday that he told us he loved us & gave us hugs when he got home from grateful for that  :)

Below is seriously the exact face he makes while teasing me, or whenever I asked him to buy me something expensive or ridiculous while growing up (which was pretty often!)…this mischievous look  ;)

He is also well-known in our family for…talking in pictures! My mom can hardly ever successfully take a picture where he’s not talking in it. It’s to the point where we laugh after checking the picture (because it’s happened again), and as we’re taking the next one, tell him with very stern voices ‘DON’T talk!’ right before we take the picture, and he just laughs & ends up talking in another pictures as well!! So, true to form, I captured these…

Thank you for being such a wonderful Daddy. Thanks for your blessing on our marriage, and most of all for supporting me in my life & photography. I love you!!


XOXO  <3


<3 <3 <3 <3

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